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The Quick Guide to Healthcare Marketing

“The Quick Guide to Healthcare Marketing” provides you with powerful recommendations to begin expanding your healthcare practice and selling more healthcare products. This intuitive guide is designed to be a fast read that delivers complex marketing solutions in a precise way. You will learn how to avoid wasting money, find your potential patients, clarify your message, and fix your practice’s reputation.

Finding your market and developing direct ways to cater to them doesn’t just help alert people to your services, it will make your patients excited to refer their friends. Stop following the blind guide and start making disciplined marketing decisions today!

If you are frustrated and confused with how to grow your practice, “The Quick Guide to Healthcare Marketing” is an essential read.

Michele Smith founded Oak Marketing in 2006 with the goal of helping healthcare-related companies utilize effective marketing to maximize growth and return on investment. Michele oversees a team of over 25 marketing superstars and guides the executive leadership of Oak Marketing’s top meet sales, operations, and growth goals.

The Oak Marketing team specializes in identifying potential patient target demographics, targeting those demographics, and then converting potential patients into actual patients. The proprietary process includes message clarity, compelling copy, effective channels, and strong data analytics. Her team is known for highly effective multi-year marketing campaigns that continually improve through a proven process of implementing programs, accurately measuring results, and strategically applying future budgets.

Oak Marketing is a 100% female-owned business that has a strong focus on inclusivity and diversity.

Michele has served in the Marketing industry since 1996 with 10 years in commercial real estate marketing followed by the founding of multiple highly successful multi-million-dollar marketing firms. Michele received her B.A. in Marketing from Georgia State University.

For over 16 years Michele and her team have used cutting-edge marketing and data analytics to craft and hone highly effective healthcare marketing campaigns.