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Marketing Solutions

Most companies will waste thousands of dollars in marketing money. They take a bad message that customers do not understand and then pay top dollar to take it to market and get frustrated when potential customers do not call or fill out a web form. Today’s consumers are inundated with thousands of marketing messages everyday. Your message has to clearly state what you sell and how to customers can buy it. Our full-service marketing agency offers comprehensive business marketing solutions to our customers. From web development services to designing full media campaigns, our highly-qualified, remote workforce is ready to help you meet your marketing goals.

We fix your message, design a marketing process and get results. Marketing should make you money, not waste your money.

We’ve been providing proven marketing services since 2006 and pride ourselves on having long-term working relationships with the majority of our customers. If you need to finally get a marketing system that works, Oak Marketing is here to help.


Business Consulting

Oak Marketing provides a wide variety of business consulting services and we can help you develop your workplace culture, improve your process and workflows, and even help you refine your corporate messaging. Our industry-leading business consultants have extensive real-world experience and are ready to help you and your business succeed.

We have a diverse portfolio of business consulting solutions that we offer to our clients. Our approach is direct, truthful, and aimed at providing our customers with the advice they need to hear, even if it isn’t the advice they necessarily want to hear. We are not the type of company that coddles our clients, but we provide them with clear, actionable advice they can use to achieve their overall business goals.

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Employee Training

We understand how frustrating employees can be, we are uniquely positioned to develop and train your employees. We help you build your team to move your employees into self directed, self motivated work horses that understand the goal and work to support the team.

Our primary goal is to help your business grow, and to grow your business you need employees who are on board with the goals. Employees should be a part of the winning team, not the reason the team is stumbling. Most employees just want to be seen, to be heard and understand exactly what is expected of them.

The Consumer Impact

In an earlier post we defined consumer behavior as the processes or behaviors involved when someone selects, purchases, uses or disposes of products and services to satisfy needs or desires.  Now we are going to break this process down a little further. The first thing to describe is the exchange. This is when a transaction…

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Anyone Seen My Funnel?

The stages that a consumer goes through to make a purchase decision is different for each consumer and each product. Some consumers perceive a need or want, take the path of least resistance (first option available) and then execute the purchase. Others will go through steps to reach a purchase decision. We will take a…

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How Long It That In SEO Years?

When thinking about search engine optimization (SEO) its best to evaluate the results in years rather than months. Most search engines will tell you that it will take anywhere between 6-8 months just to get a new site indexed on the search engine. Gaining true SEO traction also takes a significant amount of time. When…

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