Healthcare Billboard Marketing and Advertising

Do you specialize in dental care, optometry, physical therapy, or trauma? Billboards for health marketing should be an important part of your healthcare strategy.  Hospitals and clinics around the country use billboard advertising to introduce new services, announce practice improvements, and also remind patients of regular exams.

Benefits of Effective Billboards for Health Marketing and Advertising

Some healthcare businesses may question if billboard advertising is really the right solution. Here are five major benefits that come from using striking billboard ads:

  • Targets a broader, more diversified patient base: Billboards reach a huge variety of customers with a single advertising tactic. This can be extremely beneficial for widespread services that attract a variety of demographics. It can also help you find customers you might not expect would be interested in your healthcare practice.
  • Builds brand awareness: Most people see the same billboard multiple times. Therefore a healthcare provider’s brand name gets ingrained in their mind. A billboard for a chiropractor, for example, could help build brand awareness and also stick with people until the day they need to use that service. 
  • Always working: Existing and potential customers might be exposed to your healthcare ad just once or twice through other forms of advertising. Billboards lead to repeat exposure as they are working 24/7. 
  • Diverse creative options: Today’s billboard design options are broad. From the traditional poster style billboard to three-dimensional billboards there are many options. Today’s digital technology allows for the choice of creative options that allow you to create something noticeable. Creativity that stands out from your competition.

What You Can Expect from Oak Health Marketing

The key to an effective billboard advertising campaign is finding the right combination of visual elements, marketing message, and also the right billboard location.  With Oak Health Marketing managing your billboard advertising you can expect:

  • Expertise in Media Planning & Buying: Our media buying experts will locate the right billboard to reach your target audience. We will also negotiate the best price.
  • Custom Messaging and Design: Our creative professionals will develop a 100% unique billboard design to promote your message and also your brand quickly in a visually memorable way.
  • Creativity that Drives Patients To Your Door. At Oak Marketing, we promise to not only develop visually appealing billboard ads, but we guarantee that a billboard advertising campaign will drive patients to your practice. 
Start Your Effective Billboard Advertising Campaign Today

Oak Health Marketing has extensive experience working with both traditional and digital billboard advertising.  Call us today for a free 30-minute consultation to learn more about how an effective billboard advertising campaign could drive patients to your practice.