Consulting Services

Consulting Services

If you’re looking for local, small consulting firms in the greater-Atlanta region, look no further than Oak Marketing. We’re striving to become one of the best sales, marketing, and business consulting firms in West-Georgia, and we are ready to help your business succeed.

We know how disheartening (and expensive) it is when most of your leads do not convert, most of your sales do not close and you feel like you’ve dropped the ball at the 10-yard line. This can be extremely frustrating for both large and small businesses and these lost opportunities can impact employee morale and your bottom line.

This is where Oak Marketing comes in. Our all-encompassing approach to consulting can address one, some or all of the following needs:

Marketing Consulting

  • Marketing Message – refine your messaging to effectively reach your target audience
  • Message Delivery – ensure your messaging reaches your target audience at the optimum time
  • Lead Conversion Rate – improve your lead conversion rate
  • Website Conversion Rate – improve your website conversion rate

Sales Consulting

  • Sales Automation Processes ­-fully-automate your sales processes
  • Sales Funnel Effectiveness – increase the effectiveness of your sales funnel
  • Automated Email Messages – set-up and deliver automated email messaging
  • Sales Letters – design sales letters
  • Sales Lead Handling Processes – refine your sales handling processes
  • Closure Rates – improve your closure rates
  • Follow-Up Rates – refine and improve your follow-up

Business Consulting

  • Internal Deliverable Process – refine your deliverable processes
  • Staffing Needs – assess your staffing needs
  • Customer Journey – improve the customer journey

Our talented team of business, sales and marketing consultants will work directly with you to determine what processes need to be implemented or refined to improve your sales close rate, increase your deliverables, improve the customer journey and place you on a track of growth.

To talk more about your business’ needs or to schedule a free initial consultation with a business, sales and marketing consultant contact us now.