Digital New Movers

Target People As They Move

Digital New Movers allows you to instantly know who has just moved into an area and automatically places a targeted banner ad on their devices. 

How Digital New Movers Works

You select the ZIP code, city, and or state you want to target. Then you decide which category of new mover you wish to target: pre-movers, escrow, or post-movers. We create targeted banner ads and set up a program to automatically place the selected targeted ad on all devices that match your target. Because the campaign is programmed, your ad appears on their devices within hours, not weeks, of their pre, pending, or post-move. And best of all? Our campaigns do not need lists, addresses, or information – it’s all built-in for you.

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Three Categories of Digital New Movers

  • Pre-Movers: Target people who’ve just put their home up for sale.
  • Escrow: Target those who’ve sold their house, but haven’t moved yet.
  • Post-Mover: Target people who’ve just relocated. 

Power of Digital New Movers for Medical Businesses

Digital New Movers can target households that have just moved into a specified area.  Since these movers are likely to be new to an area, they will actively be looking for new medical practices nearby. Moreover, we can send a targeted digital banner or video ad to someone who has just moved into their home in almost real-time across their laptop, smartphone, and tablet devices. This is highly targeted cookie-free advertising.

Oak Health Marketing Advantage

Oak Health Marketing’s Digital New Movers advertising tool, can connect you with new residents near your business like never before.  Put your brand in front of the right niche audience instantly. Contact Oak Marketing today for more information.