How Long It That In SEO Years?

When thinking about search engine optimization (SEO) its best to evaluate the results in years rather than months. Most search engines will tell you that it will take anywhere between 6-8 months just to get a new site indexed on the search engine. Gaining true SEO traction also takes a significant amount of time.

When performed correctly SEO will help boost your website traffic, user engagement, lead generation, and your overall internet presence. The absolute best SEO programs have aged like fine wine over years rather than months. The true return of good organic traffic will outperform all other marketing in cost per lead after the SEO has reached its full potential.

This is why it is so important to select the right SEO provider from the start. Once you have done your homework and selected a good reputable SEO company with a proven track record, then dig in. The absolute minimum commitment with a proven SEO company should be at least 5 years. We are not advocating a 5-year contract but rather a 5-year relationship in which you give the process time to mature.

Some companies jump around from SEO provider to SEO provider after they did not reach number one on Google after 3 months. This is a terrible mistake. If you have chosen a good SEO provider, then commit to a long-term relationship. Give the company at least 5 years and see what true great SEO results are like.

Think of a long-term SEO strategy like the magic of compounding interest in a retirement account. If you moved your retirement account every 3-6 months you would lose a large sum of money to fees. The same holds true for SEO. Find a great company. Craft a great SEO strategy and then let the company do its work. Hold on and give the efforts time to mature. An SEO program that uses white hat SEO techniques with legitimate back linking takes multiple years. But this type of SEO will slowly mature your site to one of authority and strong organic performance.

The best results for any internet marketing programs are always dependent on the following three factors:

  1. Pick a great SEO company
  2. Pick a great SEO company
  3. Pick a great SEO company

After this then just relax, stay with the status quo and watch your SEO mature into a thing of beauty that dominates search results and provides excellent low cost leads for many years to come.