How We Do It

How We Do It

Our process is a little different than most marketing companies. It’s also why we are so effective at what we do. Our 5 step process creates a 360-degree marketing plan. This plan provides an accurate mix of brand awareness, customer acquisition, and also business growth that meets your budget. Wondering how we do it?

Step 1: How Much

We guide you in developing your marketing budget that is affordable for you while also meeting your growth goals. By looking at your current gross revenue we develop an annual marketing budget that helps you get to your desired gross revenue. We outlay a 5-year marketing plan that will meet those goals.

Step 2: Where and How

We implement some, many or all of our tactics that will produce the most synergistic marketing effect based on the mutually established budget.

Step 3: Data Analytics

Using precise data science techniques, we analyze the effectiveness of the return based on the budget and also make changes as necessary. However due to our decades of experience the changes are usually very minor.

Step 4: Implement the Improvements

Using our extensive experience and also data analytics we maintain a continuous improvement cycle of implement – measure – analyze – implement. This continuous improvement loop means your marketing gets better every month and every year.

Step 5: Enter into predictive healthcare marketing modeling

Once the marketing continuous improvement loop has normalized, we then move to the predictive growth modeling.

Marketing Spend = Predicted Growth

Predicted Growth Budget X Desired Growth = Required Marketing Spend

This formula produces predictable results and stops you from wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on wasted marketing that does not work. Our average health marketing return is 4x-10x spend based on budget. The higher the budget the higher the synergistic effect which results in 10X+ returns. The lower the budget the less the synergistic effect and resulted 4X+ returns.

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