Is Traditional Marketing Still Relevant

Is traditional marketing still relevant in today’s online world?

The quick answer is – absolutely! No matter what the ROI appears to be with online marketing, traditional marketing still has a place in your business’ marketing plan. No matter what type of business you have (local HVAC service provider, a regional grocery chain, etc) you can benefit from traditional marketing techniques. The best marketing plans actually include a blend of traditional and online marketing approaches; since they allow businesses to reach their customers in a variety of memorable ways.

5 Traditional Marketing Techniques You Should Consider

Considering working with a member of the Oak Marketing team? We suggest you employ one or more of these traditional marketing techniques as a complement to your online marketing efforts:

  1. Broadcast Radio. Oak Marketing regularly works with broadcast radio stations across the nation. We can deliver a high ROI for our clients.
  2. Digital Radio. We also have extensive experience working with digital radio platforms. Apple Music, Spotify, etc. bring a variety of digital radio advertising opportunities to our clients.
  3. Billboards. Billboards aren’t going anywhere anytime soon; and our talented team will find the best location for your billboard(s). And, if you’re interested; we offer a turn-key approach to billboard advertising.
  4. Direct Mail. Direct mail marketing still has a consistent ROI. We may suggest radius or also mass postcards for your business or a combination of the two.
  5. TV. Oak Marketing’s broadcast and also cable TV advertising partners continuously provide us with the highest gross rating points for the lowest possible price.

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