Health Marketing Services

Healthcare Marketing Services

Oak Health Marketing works with physicians, medical practices, surgery centers, and hospitals across the United States to deliver fully-integrated health marketing services.  From independent cash-based clinics to large hospitals or pharmaceutical manufacturers, if it is health-related we provide marketing expertise for it. By targeting the right patients and crafting clear and engaging content, we build your brand and grow your business.

Our Online and Offline Marketing Services Include:

IP TargetingImagine delivering a direct mail campaign digitally. That’s basically IP targeting.  We can deliver a targeted ad to all devices (mobiles, laptops, tablets) in a specified location without the need of physical addresses or user data.

Venue ReplayVenue Replay can identify the devices (mobile, laptop, tablet) that were present during an event or in the vicinity of a specified location on a given date up to six months in the past and allows you to retroactively send a targeted ad to that IP address. Do you own an OB/GYN practice and want to send an ad to all mothers that attended last month’s Baby and Toddler Expo in town?  You can with Venue Replay

Reverse AppendReverse Append captures the unique IP addresses of visitors to your website and also runs them through an algorithm to identify the user’s physical address.  We can then send a custom-printed, targeted direct mail piece to their door. 

Digital New MoversDigital New Movers allows you to instantly know who has just moved into an area and also automatically places a targeted banner ad on their devices. 

New Patient Funnel – What is a new patient funnel? It’s very similar to the stages a consumer uses when going from awareness to purchase in a retail sales funnel. But for your patients, the perceived risks are much larger than just buying a pair of shoes online.

Digital Marketing

Website DevelopmentWe can develop custom medical websites that are both easy to navigate and also visually stunning. All of our website developments include mobile-friendly responsive design and fully optimized SEO pages.

Logo Design–  We offer bespoke logo creation for all areas of the medical field. Whether you require a logo for a new practice or a redesigned logo for an existing business, we will create a stunningly original design that will stand out from your competition.

Online Bill PayWe can install a secure, HIPAA and PCI compliant online bill pay system to your website

Search Engine OptimizationWe can increase your search engine result rankings by creating an SEO rich website. Through proven tactics, we add content to and redesign your website. This helps potential patients will find your practice.

Social MediaOur social media experts can help you identify the best social media platform for your healthcare business. We can write unique and engaging posts. Additionally, we provide regular monitoring and review. This ensures we are reaching your audience at the optimum time with the right message.

Reputation ManagementOur reputation management service keeps you updated about what’s being said about your practice online and takes steps to improve your reputation.

Listings Management Our local listings management service makes certain that your practice is not only listed on all relevant directories, but we ensure that the listings are updated with your latest contact details and business description.

Healthcare PPC AdvertisingOur pay-per-click advertising services involve placing digital ads on search engine result pages, websites and social media sites, but only paying if someone clicks on the ad.  It is a very cost-effective advertising tool, with a clear measurable return on investment (ROI). 

Traditional Marketing

Radio and TV ProductionImplementing a successful radio or TV ad campaign involves a number of important considerations, such as service offering, service area, competition, and budget for production and media placement. We can help you navigate this complex process.

Media Buying–  Many different aspects that go into media buying. Deciding the platform: digital, newspaper, tv, radio or billboard. Choosing the most effective placement: sidebar panel, front page, 30 second ad, 60 second ad. Determining the ideal time of day: morning, noon, rush-hour, night. Oak Marketing can help you spend your advertising dollars wisely.

Print Marketing– Any marketing that can be printed, we specialize in it. From direct mail postcards to patient education infographics we are experts at designing, printing it and also delivering it. We consistently meet budget and also deadlines to get the right message out, on time.

BillboardsAn effective billboard advertising campaign is finding the right combination of visual elements, marketing message, and billboard location. We will help you with media planning and buying, drafting custom messaging, and creating engaging visuals to drive patients to your practice.

Story Brand MessagingStoryBrand messaging helps healthcare businesses simplify their brand messaging. We take a story-driven approach to communication. We will help you craft a clear, consistent, and also a client-centric message to integrate into all our marketing messages.

Medical CopywritingDo you want to launch an email campaign, update your blog posts, or revamp your website? our medical copywriters can craft quality content to give you a competitive edge.

For more information about our health marketing services, schedule a free, 30-minute, no-obligation health marketing services consultation with us today.