Media Buying

Media Buying

Effective media buying goes far beyond the seemingly simple transaction of money for ad space. Experienced healthcare media buyers are able to identify and also purchase ad space relevant to the identified target audience. They purchase it at the optimal time, and also for the least amount of money.

What You Can Expect from Oak Health Marketing

When you take into consideration the many different aspects that go into media buying from which platform (digital, newspaper, tv, radio, etc), to the best placement (sidebar panel, front page, 30-second ad, 60-second ad), to the ideal time of day, it becomes an overwhelming task for any medical practice to undertake on their own. Therefore Oak Health Marketing can help.

We specialize in media buying services. We have a proven track record that reaches a target audience and also bring patients to your business. Are you are looking to advertise on digital or traditional platforms? Unsure which medium is best for you? We can help you develop a media buying plan within your budget to reach your goals.  Below are a few benefits you can expect from using Oak Media’s media buying services:

Meticulous Planning

Every successful healthcare ad campaign begins with meticulous planning.  Oak Health Marketing’s healthcare media buyers will thoroughly assess your business goals. Based on your target area, customer demographics, and also your objectives. They will build a media buying plan that will deliver your targeted message to your identified customers using the most strategic media channels available.  

The Best Deal

Oak Health Marketing’s healthcare media buyers have a wide network of established media relationships they can leverage. This gets you the best deal for your investment.  Our well-versed media buying professionals negotiate the lowest price. We also attain ‘value-added’ ad space to an agreement without an additional charge.

Strategic Media Placement

Our media buyers also understand where your advertising dollars should be spent.  We are sure our years of experience are what you need to get your healthcare ad placed in the best slot; to get the most engagement. We know which medium will work best for your target audience. Whether that is online, radio, or tv advertising. We also know what time of day is the most ideal to reach your customers. 

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

After we finalize the media plan and place the ads we will provide you with a report showing you when and also where your ad spots ran. 

100% Delivery

We promise that 100% of the media you buy will be delivered. 

Let’s Get a Conversation Started

At Oak Health Marketing, we promise to deliver more media value with the same budget for all of your healthcare ads.  Ready to get a conversation started about your media placement and buying goals? Contact a media buying specialist at Oak Health Marketing today.