Radio & Television

The Benefits of Healthcare Radio and Television Advertising

Online advertising might be the primary outlet for many 21st Century marketing campaigns, but it is not the only one. Radio and television advertising is still highly effective platforms to engage healthcare patients and consumers.  

For one, TV ads are usually better at touching emotions and personalising a medical practice or healthcare brand.  Likewise, radio is excellent for delivering educational healthcare messaging that needs more time (45 to 60 seconds) to provide all of the key information to the listener.  With both, you can be highly targeted in advertising only to individuals within your practice area and to your desired prospective patient demographic.

What You Can Expect From Oak Health Marketing

At Oak Health Marketing, we operate a fully distributed model, which means we can develop the best quality, most effective radio and TV ads for your practice. 

Our experienced creative team will begin the process with a thorough creative brief to discover your target audience, define your location reach, set your goals and establish a budget.  

Once fully briefed, the team will produce unique, engaging, and also insightful spots. The design builds brand awareness, drives customers to your practice, and also boost revenue.

Get the Most From Your Healthcare Radio and TV Advertising Campaign

Implementing a successful radio or TV ad campaign involves a number of important considerations. Some of these are service offering, service area, competition, and also budget for production and media placement.  Ready to learn about getting the most from your healthcare radio or TV advertising campaign? Please call Oak Health Marketing today for a 30-minute free consultation.