Reverse Append

Send Your Anonymous Website Visitors a Direct Mail Piece

Reverse Append captures the unique IP addresses of visitors to your website and then also runs them through an algorithm to identify the user’s physical home or office address.  With the physical address known, we can send a custom-printed, targeted direct mail piece. By connecting an individual’s online activity with the offline world, we can send highly relevant mail and also directly targeted pieces to your desired audience. 

How A Reverse Append Campaign Works

  1. Match anonymous IP addresses to a physical address.
  2. Work together to set parameters to qualify and segment the target audience
  3. Send a physical mail piece, brochure, white paper, or customized catalog to the qualified household.
Download the Reverse Append White Paper by Clicking on the Image

How Could a Medical Practice Use This Service?

Imagine someone visits your practice website and starts to fill out a contact form requesting more information but never presses ‘Submit Form’. Reverse Append can capture this abandoned request’s IP address. We then send the user a direct mail piece to their home address within 48 hours.  This is a warm lead that you can also immediately deliver a direct mail piece to. Considering the client has control over only re-targeting individuals who have a high interest in the practice; makes the conversion rate for Reverse Append impressively high.  How powerful is that?

Benefits of Reverse Append

The conversion rate is impressively high compared to other marketing tactics.  

Setting Up a Campaign with Oak Health Marketing is Easy

To learn more about this amazing, and also one of a kind advertising technology or to set up a Reverse Append Campaign for your medical practice, contact a specialist at Oak Marketing today.