Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Around seven-in-ten Americans use social media platforms today, making social media marketing one of the most vital components of any digital marketing strategy.  Simply put, if you have a medical practice, you can not afford to ignore social media.

Why Should a Healthcare Practice Engage in Social Media Marketing

Social media channels are one of the most preferred ways American receive and share information with others.  When a healthcare practice engages in social media marketing it allows for real-time conversations with both existing and prospective clients.  Moreover, an effective social media marketing campaign can:

  • Build credibility by sharing health tips and tricks
  • Nurture patient relationships by responding to comments or reviews
  • Grow brand awareness with patient testimonials
  • Establish your practice as a topical authority by sharing relevant news articles
  • Keep you patients up-to-date with promotions and healthcare reminders
  • Fight rapid spread of misinformation or negative health propaganda
  • Educate potential and current patients about urgent health related topics

What You Can Expect From Oak Health Marketing:

At Oak Health Marketing, we have a proven track record leveraging social media for small and large healthcare practices. We incorporate search engine marketing techniques into your social media strategy to maximize the results of each and every post. When you work with us on your social media marketing strategy, you can expect:

Help Choosing the Best Platform:

There are several social platforms to choose from (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and there may be more than one platform that is appropriate for your healthcare practice. When you work with Oak Health Marketing, a first-rate social media health related marketing agency, we’ll help you choose the best platform for your practice and ensure your profile is optimized.

Engaging, Unique Social Media Posts:

We utilize highly-skilled copywriters and graphic designers to release professional copy, images, and graphics to your social media channels multiple times each week. 

Strategic Campaigns to Gain Followers and ‘Likes’:

Research shows that when friends refer friends to a healthcare practitioner or provider that referral carries more credence than paid for marketing.  It also converts patients at a higher rate. At Oak Health Marketing, we will work with you to develop a strategic social media marketing campaign that gains word-of-mouth patient referrals. 

Regular Monitoring and Review

We will work with the business analytics provided by each tool to ensure we are reaching your audience at the optimum time with the right message.

Find Out How Oak Health Marketing Can Increase Your Patient Base

When you entrust Oak Health Marketing to execute your social media marketing strategy, you know that you have the full backing of a social media, graphic design, content creation, and marketing team that is dedicated to helping you succeed. To begin the requirements discovery phase of designing your social media marketing plan, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with a social media strategist and learn about our social media marketing packages today.