Venue Replay

Cookieless Remarketing Based Off Of A Physical Location Using Venue Replay

Venue Replay is the newest innovation in digital ad technology. 

This technology allows you to capture a smartphone, tablet, or laptop device ID at specified, high-value locations, and archives the addresses for future ad targeting.

Imagine you want to attract new patients to your practice.  With Venue Replay, you can collect device ID’s from individuals present at local hospitals, pharmacies, fitness centers, or even your competitor’s practice.  You can then track them back to their home location and send a targeted ad based on this knowledge.  

With Venue Replay, this is possible!

What is It?

Venue Replay is a technology that allows us to map specified geographic locations, businesses, or events.  By mapping the area, we can identify the smartphone, tablet, or also laptop Ids of any current or past devices used in that area. We can do this for up to six months after they leave. We attribute a likely home IP address of those devices seen. From there, we are able to target that home network with digital banner ads across all of their devices using IP Targeting.  All of this is accomplished without the use of cookies.

How Does Venue Replay Work?

The client identifies the targeted geographic locations, businesses; and also points of interest. Oak Marketing captures the unique device IDs that visited the targeted location. From the identified devices, Oak Marketing matches IP and addresses to establish a dedicated ad network and also deliver tailored digital advertisements. 

Download the Venue Replay White Paper by Clicking on the Image

How Might a Medical Practice Use This?

Imagine you own an Obstetrics and Gynecology practice. You want to target all the people who attended a Mom, Baby, and Toddler Expo that happened last month.  How do you make it happen? Or maybe you want to target people who went to your local Gymboree store over the weekend. With Venue Replay we can go back in time to identify the device IDs present during that event or store visit. Then we can send a dedicated ad about your OBGYN services directly to those individuals once they are back at home or at work.

Ready to Run A Campaign?

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