Where Is My 100% Conversion Rate?

Capturing the thousands or hundreds of web searchers that are searching for your products or services and then moving all of them through your funnel to the conversion stage would make you a very wealthy business owner. It would also be a dream because 100% conversion rates are a myth.

You must keep in mind that there are generally several types of visitors that come to your website. Some are just wasting time while waiting for their wives outside of Bloomingdales. Others might be just gathering some more information about a product or service they heard about. But some are primed and ready looking to make a purchase and just trying to find the company that makes that process the easiest. Basically, these visitors break down into people who will not convert, people who might convert, and people who are going to convert.

The will not converts will never convert no matter what the landing page looked like, the call to action, the offer or the guarantee.

The might convert may convert if your landing page and calls to actions are properly designed and working properly.

The going to convert are going to convert no matter what your landing page looks like or if you have call to actions or not. Some are even going to go to extensive lengths overcoming all the unintentional obstacles you put in the way. They want your product or service and they are converting.

If you want to significantly increase your website conversions you should focus your attention on the might convert group. The not going to convert group is by far the largest number of the three. So right out of the gate a majority of your web visitors are not going to convert regardless of your actions.

By recognizing the behaviors of the might converts through analytics you can begin to slowly move those might convert visitors into the going to convert category through the use of great landing pages and calls to action. This category represents the highest return on investment for gaining website conversions at the lowest possible price.

While each conversion rate ceiling is different for every website, no website will convert 100% of their visitors. Trying to obtain this goal will result in you spending a tremendous amount of money while still falling way short of the 100% conversion goal.