White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

There are two types of search engine optimization. They are “white hat SEO” and “black hat SEO”. White hat uses organic techniques that do not try to cheat the system. Rather the websites are built for people to read and use with good information. These techniques take time to get ranked by search engines, but the results are much longer lasting.

A website that is truly designed for the end user will always rank well on search engines. “Black Hat SEO” uses methods to try to trick the algorithm into ranking a website higher. One example of this is external web links to your website. As more and more people visit your website, they may post a link to a helpful piece of information they found on your site. As time goes on your site will acquire more and more links. So, Google places a good bit of weight on how many inbound links you have.

Some not so clever black hat SEO practitioners started posting spam responses to blogs all across the internet with links to websites in these spam responses. It seemed to work for a while, and they started charging other people to post spammy links across the internet for them also. Well eventually Google will catch up to black hat schemes. Once they did this practice was factored into the search results and overnight websites vanished to oblivion.

Worst of all imaging trying to find all those spammy backlinks to try to clean them up! You would be better off starting with a new domain name. The point of the message is that good white hat SEO takes time and it is not cheap. You can usually tell who is using black hat techniques if they promise a number 1 spot on Google for super cheap or they cold called you for digital marketing. 

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