Your Forever Reputation


Every interaction you have with a customer and their version of it is now being stored across the internet. It has now become so cost effective to store large amounts of data that it actually cost less to just store everything than to take the time to sort through it to delete what is unnecessary. What this means is that your company’s reputation is being affected by what your customers type all across the internet. And it is everywhere not just your Google reviews. Think about everywhere your customers might be on the internet on a daily basis.

There are over 60 social media sites that are considered “main stream” as indicated by daily users. Business review listing sites such as yelp easily number over 55. Your company is getting reviewed multiple times a day by the customers you encounter. It can be a full organized review with a star rating and a brief description of your interaction or it can be as simple as a reply to a friend on social media who asks how the experience went with your company.

All of that data is being gathered and stored on computer servers across the United States and it will live forever. Every one of your customer’s emails is being stored indefinitely. It could be an email about your business with a friend or an email to your business where you may or may not have responded or if you did was it polite and professional?

Your reputation today is most important for your Google reviews or your Facebook reviews. This is where potential customers are making a large percentage of their purchase decisions. Seeing your company reviews plays a very large part in whether these potential customers choose to use you.

The most important part about your company reputation lies in applications yet to come that do not exist yet. Imagine a cell phone app that gives the user a reputation rating of your company by scanning all data across the web. It will scan emails, texts, review sites, Google reviews, Facebook reviews and more in milliseconds. It will even know how good or poor your employees are based on past performance at other companies. Everywhere your company name or employee names exists on the internet it will use an algorithm to calculate a precise and accurate company reputation rating.

Now you can see how important your permanent global company reputation is going to become.  You should also plan how you interact with customers going forward in light of this. It will become very expensive to overcome a poor company reputation with marketing. In contrast if you have excellent company reputation with great employees you may not have to advertise at all.

So, with every dissatisfied customer you now have to ask yourself will it be cheaper to give them their money back or spend the funds needed to overcome the negative review feedback on the internet for the next 50 years. It definitely reinforces that “the customer is always right” mantra.