Digital Ads

Digital Ads

Digital advertising is an umbrella term that describes the many different types of advertising tactics businesses can utilize online. Some of the most common digital ads are pay-per-click ads, email and social media ads, responsive search ads, dynamic search ads, call-only ads, and responsive display ads. Oak Marketing’s mission is to be the premier digital advertising agency in the greater-Atlanta region and we can work with your business to create a digital advertising strategy that works for you and your business.

One of the most common forms of digital advertising is pay-per-click or PPC. These ads will generally be viewable on search engine results pages and social media sites. We have several years of experience working with PPC campaigns and can work with you to design a PPC strategy that converts and is budget-friendly.

Another common digital advertising tactic is to place text-based advertisements with popular email providers and social media sites. These ads are text-only, but they can be successful additions to your digital advertising portfolio. Contact Oak Marketing today to learn more about placing text-based ads on these sites.

Oak Marketing also has a thorough understanding of a variety of search ads. We can leverage responsive search ads, which combine text in several different ways to make hundreds of different ad variations. Responsive display ads, are similar to responsive search ads, but they are designed for the display network, which is a series of websites that display ads.

Dynamic search ads use the information Google gains from your website and Google creates a headline and link that it believes users will click the most. All you have to do is provide a description of your company and link to your website and Google will do the rest!

We also work with call-only ads, which are designed for advertisers that do not have mobile-friendly websites. These ads will show only on mobile devices and when clicked they call the number listed in the ad. Hence the “call only” ad name.

All of these ads are designed to work best under certain conditions and to achieve specific outcomes. Once we identify your goals, we can develop a strategy to maximize your budget and the effectiveness of your digital ads. Through the use of data analytics, we can make your digital ads even more effective over time. 

To begin the requirements discovery phase for your digital ad campaign, schedule a free 30-minute initial consultation with one of our digital advertising specialists today.