Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Your practices reputation and your physician rating is a key feature that can attract new patients, and your online reputation is equally as important. The overwhelming majority of patients actively seek out online reviews before selecting a new healthcare provider. Over the last several years, however, it has become quite difficult for companies to successfully manage their online reputation.  Oak Health Marketing can help.

What We Offer – Health Reputation Management

Oak Health Marketing’s reputation management service not only keeps you updated about what’s being said about your practice online, but it takes steps to improve your reputation.  We maintain a positive online reputation for your practice by:

Regular Online Monitoring

One of the biggest issues that healthcare practices face is that many practices all over the nation have similar names. Sometimes negative reviews and poor ratings are attributed to the wrong medical practice. In addition, competitors have also been known to leave poor reviews for companies and/or services they’ve never utilized as well.  Regular online monitoring can spot these erroneous negative reviews and respond with a correction before they become detrimental.

Solicitation of Positive Reviews

As part of Oak Health Marketing’s reputation management services, we can contact your current and past patients and ask them for a review. Adding positive reviews allows you to build/rebuild your online reputation in a way that reflects your practice, your services, and your core values. 

Respond to Reviews On Your Behalf

If you are too busy to actively manage new online reviews, we can do it for you! We train our reputation managers to carefully respond to all new reviews and also navigate sensitive topics.

Display Positive Reviews On Your Website

Through regular online monitoring and solicitation of positive reviews, we know instantly we a client leaves a flattering quote about your practice.  With Oak Health Marketing’s reputation management service, we can then display that review directly on your medical website, increasing the positive review visibility in search engines. 

Social Media Management

Reviews and comments on social media can also play a large role in your business’ overall reputation.  With Oak Health Marketing’s reputation management service, we can monitor and respond to reviews. This includes reviews left on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and also other social media outlets your practice is present.

Protect Your Practice.

Engage Oak Health Marketing’s Reputation Management Services for Healthcare

Ready to engage Oak Health Marketing’s reputation management services? We’ll help make sure that your social media presence, response to reviews, and also other online references all contribute positively to your reputation. To learn how our reputation management services can help your practice, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with us today.