IP Targeting

IP Targeting

Cookie-free digital advertising with IP targeting to deliver the ad you want to the devices of the exact location you’re trying to reach.

It’s basically a direct mail campaign delivered digitally!

What is IP Targeting?

IP Targeting determines a device’s IP address based on where the device is physically located. All devices, whether a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, are assigned a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address when on an internet network.  The IP address looks like a sequence of numbers separated by periods. It identifies all of the devices accessing a certain network at a given time. Without getting too in-depth; this targeting allows you to send an advertisement to each device that is connected to a network within a specific location.

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How Could a Medical Practice Use This Targeting?

IP Targeting is one of the most targeted techniques you can employ to spread the word about your service or business.

Consider these examples of how a medical practice could use this targeting:

  • Increase Foot Traffic: With IP Targeting, you can send digital ads only to individuals in the general location of your medical practice.  This location-specific advertising increases the likelihood you’ll get patients through your door and also boost revenue.
  • Target a Certain Demographic: Say, for example, you are trying to reach the college-aged demographic for your next marketing campaign. Sending your ads to IP addresses associated with college-wide WiFi is one way to do so.
  • Use As Part of a Multichannel Campaign: Imagine you want to bring in new clients to your practice. You want to target individuals that live within a 10-mile radius of each of your locations.  With a multichannel campaign, you can identify the ideal target market (in this case, homeowners within a 10-mile radius of your location). Doing this you can put your physical and also your digital ads into the hands of the exact audience that you are trying to reach. 

IP Targeting is the Future of Healthcare Digital Advertising

IP Targeting does not use cookies, which will be essential in future digital advertising campaigns. Historically, digital advertising has relied on third-party cookies to gather data about online users and also target advertising based on the data collected about them.  This has raised concerns for customers.  Pertinent questions like: Who is collecting the data? How are they using the data?

This has led to platforms like Safari and Firefox to block the use of third-party cookies.  Google Chrome, which accounts for around 62% of browsing, will block third-party cookies by early 2022.  This means that targeted digital advertising will need to be handled with a different approach. Enter IP Targeting, a cookie-free digital advertising alternative.

Incorporate IP Targeting Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

IP Targeting will help you more effectively target your current and also your prospective patients. It will help enable you to run fewer ads, and also experience higher success with the ads you do run. Contact Oak Health Marketing to learn more about how to incorporate an IP Targeting campaign into your digital marketing strategy.