New Patient Funnel

Every patient goes through stages before committing to allowing you to be their healthcare provider. It’s called a new patient funnel. These three steps are:

new patient funnel

New Patient Funnel

What is a new patient funnel? It’s very similar to the stages a consumer uses when going from awareness to purchase in a retail sales funnel. But for your patients, the perceived risks are much larger than just buying a pair of shoes online.

Stage 1 curiosity

Can your practice or you help them solve the health problem they are currently facing? Or can you help them avoid future health problems? Is there a new pharmaceutical, technique, or treatment for their chronic or acute ailment that they were not previously aware of? This is the stage that the patient wants to know more about you, your practice, and also what you can provide for them.

Stage 2 enlightenment

This is where a majority of your future patient’s perceived fears have been addressed and they begin to trust you. Your practice and also your recommendations are what build that trust. This is when they will take the time to dig a little deeper, check your online reviews, read more about you, what you do and if they are interested in taking the next step.

Stage 3 commitment

This is where your potential patient schedules the first visit. They are not totally bought in. They have addressed most of their preconceived fears, and they trust you enough to schedule one appointment to see if you, your staff, and also your practice would be a good fit for them.

Oak Health Marketing – New Patient Funnel

Our new patient funnel uses online informational white papers and PDF’s to gain access to the curiosity searchers email address. By sending carefully designed psychological and emotional based emails we gently move the potential new customer through the new patient funnel and increase your new patient commitment rate.

Timing and message are everything. By addressing perceived fear, building brand trust and informing your potential new patient we get a higher effectiveness for the marketing and grow your patient pool much quicker with patients who want your services, need your services and can afford your services.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you manage these stages with a new patient funnel.