Where Have All The Good SEO Companies Gone?

I know that many of our clients have expressed frustration and anger about the previous search engine optimization (SEO) company they used. The most common statement we hear is “I pay them $XXXX a month and I don’t think they are doing anything!” If you are currently looking for a new SEO company the one question that probably comes to mind is “who can I trust”?

The good news is that if you educate yourself just a little bit about choosing SEO companies you can narrow the choice down to a company that meets your budget and you can trust that they will provide good SEO services for the money you pay.

The biggest issue reported about previous SEO companies from our customers is lack of transparency. Any SEO company that produces good results will never have a lack of transparency issue. In fact, good SEO companies are just the opposite. They want you to see and understand exactly what is happening with your SEO so that you see the return on investment and the quality work they are providing.

SEO companies that you can trust are usually very highly rated on Google, Bing, Yelp, Facebook and more. Unfortunately finding a transparent SEO company that you can trust is a little like finding waldo. When someone finds one they like to tell others about it. 

A transparent SEO company will always adhere to the following set of standards:

  • Never over promises results like a #1 Google ranking.
  • Always shows you all analytics data through a dashboard of some sort.
  • Always shows you exactly how much was spent on any pay-per-click marketing. If they are unwilling to share this data with you…RUN.
  • Never takes credit for search traffic that was not as a result of their efforts.
  • Shares the negative as well as the positive results from all SEO efforts.

Choosing the right SEO company can be challenging. It can actually mean the difference in growth & profitability or a slow decline in sales. There is an abundance of great SEO companies that you can trust out there you just have to educate yourself and make good decisions. There is also an abundance of unethical SEO companies out there that you need to know how to avoid.

Just like any other business decision never trust what you can’t measure. Verify every SEO companies claims by speaking with current clients. Match your budget with the right sized SEO company.